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Prescott Carlson

Prescott Carlson is a Chicago native who lives and breathes all things in this City of Big Shoulders. He is completely devoted to this town that offers many untold treasures to residents and visitors alike. Prescott is to the Windy City as DeNiro is to NYC.

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Prescott has taken part in almost all Chicago has to offer, from adventures as a child, to working in its premier nightclubs, to owning a restaurant, and now introducing his two sons to the city's wonders. He has lived, worked, loved, lost, laughed and cried on Chicago's north, south, and west sides and knows the city inside and out (there is really no official "east side", no matter what Paper Lace tries to tell you). As the "go to" tour guide for all visiting friends and relatives, he would love to impart a little extra wisdom to complete your ultimate Chicago cultural experience. Those little inside tips above and beyond the normal travel guide fare will take your trip to a level beyond ordinary tourists.


Prescott attended Columbia College in (where else?) downtown Chicago. His real life education came from renting his own small studio apartment walking distance to Lake Michigan and Wrigley Field when he was still just a wee lad.

By Prescott Carlson:

"Chicago is so much more than Al Capone and corrupt politicians. After your obligatory visit to the Sears Tower is out of the way, follow my lead and I'll take you on a whirlwind adventure in the Windy City."

Follow Prescott on Twitter for Chicago travel news and deals: @aboutchicago

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