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Chicago may not be officially dubbed the "city that never sleeps", but that doesn't mean that it lacks of things to do. Here are my favorite ways to keep busy in the Windy City.
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Chicago certainly doesn't have a shortage of things to do. Here's a guide for making your way around Chicago's many attractions.

Events, Festivals and Holidays

There's always something going on in the city of Chicago. From the famous "Taste of Chicago" to the world-class St. Patrick's Day parade, Chicago always seems to have a major event, festival or holiday to celebrate any time of the year.


Chicago, with its rich history, has a number of important landmarks. Here are some of the most prominent landmarks in Chicago.

Chicago Museums

Chicago museums are top rate, and there is a wide variety. The Windy City is home to numerous art, history, science, industry, cultural, and children's museums.

Chicago Tours

There is so much to see and do in Chicago, planning your day can sometimes be a challenge. To help ease the burden, try one of the city's many guided tours, day trips, and sightseeing adventures.

Where to Eat

Chicago is quickly becoming known as one of the top dining destinations in the country. Here's a good start to plan a gastronomic tour of the Windy City, with everything from fine dining to local favorites like the Chicago hot dog.

Shopping in Chicago

Even with Chicago's midwest sensibilities, we still like to splurge and shop 'til we drop. From the major stores on Michigan Avenue to the Oak Street Boutiques to the suburban outlet malls, the Chicago shopping scene offers something for every taste and budget.

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