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Getting Around Chicago

Even if you are an avid walker, Chicago is a sprawling city and you sometimes may need a little help. Fortunately, it has a huge mass transit system with buses, elevated trains (the “L”) and subways, along with abundant cabs/taxis and limousine services. Use these links and resources to help guide you in getting around Chicago.

Carl Hammer Gallery
The River North gallery showcases Outsider Art from Chicago artists and beyond.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford, the luxury boutique for women and men, opens its fourth flagship store in the United States.

August in Chicago - Weather and Event Guide
Everything you need to know for a good time during your stay in Chicago in August.

Trains to Chicago
Trains to Chicago come from all parts of the country -- Amtrak considers Chicago a main hub, and if you look at a national Amtrak map you'll see the lines all feeding into a central spot, Chicago.

April in Chicago - Weather and Event Guide
Everything you need to know for a great time in Chicago in April, including the hottest theater tickets, restaurants, events and weather.

Driving to Chicago
Driving to Chicago from north, south, east, or west is very easy given that Chicago is a Midwestern hub and several major interstates connect right in Chicago's downtown. Here's how to get to Chicago by car depending on which direction you're coming from.

Chicago Parking Meter Holidays
There are a handful of days that the City of Chicago Department of Revenue "graciously" has put in place called "Chicago Parking Meter Holidays" -- on these days motorists do not have to pay the parking meters throughout the Windy City.

Rooftop Dance Series Waltzes Across Chicago
Month Long Performance Series Set to Wake Up Morning Commuters

Chicago Train, Subway, and Bus Public Transportation Overview
Most of the time traffic in Chicago and trying to find parking can be maddening, especially for the uninitiated visitor. But there is a solution, Chicago's extensive public transportation system.

After Dark at the Art Institute
The Art Institute of Chicago's Evening Associates hosts its monthly cultural affair for art lovers in the Modern Wing.

Seadog Wine Flight River Cruise
The Seadog River Cruise takes place on the third Thursday of every month through Labor Day.

Shop Like A Man
The following Chicago stores cater to men and offer gems worth checking out, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else.

Public Transit Trip Planner
This handy trip planner provided by the Chicago Transit Authority allows you to put in addresses for point A and point B, and it will show you the best transit route including transfers and alternative options.

Chicago Parking Map
Just enter a street address or city site, and up pops a close up map with parking icons showing you various Chicago parking garage/lot locations.

Happy Birthday, Chicago!
Happy 176th Birthday, Chicago!

Chicago Pedway Map (PDF)
When the Chicago weather gets brutally cold (and it does), head down to Chicago's underground pedway system -- it's a neat way to get around to a number of different places downtown.

North Side Transit Map
A detailed map of Chicago's North Side transit system, including major train lines Red (Howard/95th), Brown (Ravenswood), and Blue (O'Hare/Douglas).

Downtown Transit Map
A detailed map of the downtown transit system serving the "Loop", including major train lines Red, Blue, Brown, Green (Lake), Purple (Evanston), and Orange (Midway).

Top Ways To Fete Black History Month in Chicago
A Tour of Black Chicago, from historical landmarks to live music and beyond.

Neighborhood Watch: West Loop
Where to dine, shop & play in the West Loop, an area considered to be celeb chef central.

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