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Chicago Architecture Walking Tour - Downtown


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Stop 8 - Marshall Field's Building
Chicago Architecture Walking Tour - Downtown

Marshall Fields Clock © Prescott Carlson

Back across to the east side of State Street, the Marshall Field's Building with its famous corner clocks and holiday windows is the second largest retail store building in the world. A National Historic Landmark, the original part of the building was built in 1879 and subsequently added onto to become the mammoth building it is today, filling an entire city block. It was home to the Marshall Field and Company flagship store from the beginning until 2006, when the chain was absorbed in a merger with Federated Department Stores and became Macy's flagship Chicago store -- a move still protested by Chicago residents to this day. In deference to the building's history, Federated left the "Marshall Field and Company" nameplates that are attached to the side of the building.

Check this out: Be sure to stop into the 5-story atrium at the southwest corner of the building, which features a Tiffany glass mosaic ceiling.

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