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Chicago Dog Friendly Hotels

Where to stay in Chicago with your pet


Can't stand the thought of traveling to Chicago without your beloved canine companion? Here's a list of some popular Chicago dog friendly hotels.

Hotel Allegro

The Hotel Allegro lets you pamper your pup in style -- their pet package includes use of a pet bowl and bed, bottled water, snacks, and a leash for walks, and one 20 minute pet walk. Optional services for an extra charge include a limo ride for a pet and two of their humans to a local spa, an in-room pet massage, and additional pet walking services.

  • 171 W. Randolph Street, Chicago
  • 312-236-0123
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The Drake Hotel

The legendary Drake Hotel has changed its stance on the previous "no pets allowed" policy and now welcome Fido with open arms and shiny pet bowls on arrival.

  • 140 East Walton Place, Chicago
  • 312-787-2200
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Intercontinental Hotel Chicago

Intercontinental Chicago

The Intercontinental welcomes both dogs and cats without any size restrictions with a $100 fee ($50 of which is refundable at checkout), but they do ask that your pet is crated/kenneled if left in the room unattended. The hotel does have a small number of large kennels available for rent on a first come first serve basis.

  • 505 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago
  • 312-944-4100
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James Hotel Chicago

James Chicago
The James welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes to their upscale hotel, but they will charge you $75 per stay for the privilege.
  • 55 E. Ontario Street, Chicago
  • 312-337-1000
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Hotel Monaco

The Hotel Monaco is one of the pet friendliest hotels in the city -- not only do they allow dogs, but also pretty much any living creature (within reason, of course) and there are no restrictions. The only caveat is that guests must sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for any damage or extra cleaning costs. Book the "Pets in the City" package and you'll receive use of a pet bowl and bed, a pet massage book, and a pet goodie bag with water, snacks, and a leash. $5 of your room rate goes to a local no-kill animal shelter.
  • 225 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago
  • 312-960-8500
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Omni Hotel Chicago

The Omni Hotel caters more to the "purse dog" set -- they only allow pets under 25 pounds. A $50 non-refundable cleaning fee is charged per stay.
  • 676 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago
  • 312-944-6664
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Palmer House Hilton

While the Palmer House doesn't have an array of pet services outside of a limited number of pet bowls and beds for use, it's an attractive destination for folks traveling with a larger breed of dog -- they allow pets up to 75 pounds. There's a $75 non-refundable "pet service fee."
  • 17 E. Monroe Street, Chicago
  • 312-917-1707
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Sheraton Chicago

Sheraton Chicago
The Sheraton allows dogs only, but there are no size restrictions or extra fees. The hotel simply requests that guests sign a damage waiver, and agree that if they leave the dog unattended in the room that the dog is crated.
  • 301 E. North Water Street, Chicago
  • 312-464-1000
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Sofitel Chicago

Sofitel Chicago
While the Sofitel won't pamper your pet as much as some of the other hotels, they make up for it by not having any pet restrictions and do not charge any extra fees.
  • 20 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago
  • 312-324-4000
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W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore

The W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel allows dogs and cats up to 40 pounds, and pamper them with pet toys, a pet bed, and a "turndown treat." A $25 per night charge is added on top of the regular room rate and there's a $100 cleaning fee per stay.
  • 644 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
  • 312-943-9200
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W Hotel Chicago City Center

The W Hotel Chicago City Center has the same pet policy as their sister Lakeshore hotel property, but they sweeten the deal by also offering pet sitting, dog walking, and pet grooming services.
  • 172 W. Adams, Chicago
  • 312-332-1200
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