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Visitor's Guide to the Lincoln Park Zoo


Visitor's Guide to the Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo Lion

Prescott Carlson

Lincoln Park Zoo In Brief:

Lincoln Park Zoo Animals Photo Gallery

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Nestled among lagoons and mature trees, the Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most beautiful in the country, featuring historical architecture and world-class wildlife exhibits. It's easy to spend an entire day at this tranquil, intimate zoo and forget that the bustling city of Chicago is right beyond the zoo boundaries. Open 365 days a year with free admission to all, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a premier Chicago attraction.

Lincoln Park Zoo Location:

Just west of Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton Parkway.

Lincoln Park Zoo By Bus:

CTA bus routes 151 or 156

Lincoln Park Zoo By Car:

From downtown: take Lake Shore Drive north to the Fullerton Avenue exit. Head west on Fullerton one block to parking lot entrance on left.

Parking Rates:
April 1-Sept 30
0-30 minutes - no charge
31 min-3 hours - $17
3-4 hours - $19
4-5 hours - $30
5+ hours - $35

October 1-March 31
0-30 minutes - no charge
31 min-3 hours - $17
3+ hours - $19

(as of June 2011, subject to change)

Admission Price:

Free to all visitors -- fee for certain exhibits/attractions

Lincoln Park Zoo Hours:

The Lincoln Park Zoo is open 365 days a year.

Grounds 9am-6pm
Buildings and Farm 10am-5pm

Summer Weekends
Memorial Day - Labor Day - (Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays)
Grounds open until 7pm
Buildings and Farm open until 6:30pm

Nov. 1 - March 31
Grounds close at 5pm
Buildings close at 4:30pm

Official Lincoln Park Zoo Website:

About the Lincoln Park Zoo:

Run independently from the Chicago Park District by the Lincoln Park Zoological Society, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a premier Chicago attraction. The zoo is unique in that it offers an intimate setting which allows visitors a closer look at the animals than most sprawling zoo settings.

Although established in 1868 (making it one of the oldest zoos in the United States), the zoo has been continuously updated and is amongst the most contemporary in terms of education, recreation, and conservation. This beautiful zoo has masterfully integrated modern exhibits with the traditional Chicago architecture of its past.

Adhering to their slogan "Lincoln Park Zoo is everyone's zoo", the zoo is dedicated to permanently keeping its admission policy -- everyone, young and old, can enter for free, 365 days a year. Lincoln Park Zoo is the only free zoo in Chicago, and one of the last free major wildlife attractions in the country.

Lincoln Park Zoo Animals Photo Gallery

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